Friday, September 18, 2009

I am starting this blog to record my thoughts, almost like a public diary. A diary, and especially a public one can be dangerous, because if taken out of context, it can cause trouble! Regardless, it is worth a shot, if not for any one but for me, to refer back to what I was thinking. Thoughts are fleeting, they come and go and don't leave a lasting impression, sometimes they come back and you have a deja vu moment thinking hmmm... didn't I think of that before.

Increasingly I find that the new generation is really open and ready to share their deepest thoughts, their likes and dislikes openly. This is the generation of my kids, the teenagers. The implications are very profound, can you live a life where your actions and thoughts are for anyone to see. It is as if you stand in front of the whole world naked, open to examination. It can be frivolous like many posts informing what they are having for lunch, but if done right it can be an insightful. I would not be able to make my life a completely open book yet. There are things you are proud of, there are feelings of shame, there is fear, and so on. But if you did live a life that was an open book, you would be conscious of everything you do. There is always one witness to all your actions and thoughts, you. And you should be accountable to yourself for all your actions, but can you let the world be witness to your every thought, or worse yet be open to criticism. Thoughts are the hidden realm of a person, your words and actions do not always reflect what you think. If your actions were always in synch with your thoughts you could have a lot of trouble, but over time would that work out?

Don't Lie
Following up from transparency is the subject of lying. Most of us have lied, or maybe have not always spoken the truth. Lying is supposed to be an advanced thought process, you are betting that the other person is not aware of the truth, or you feel you can convince them about an alternate reality. Advertising, sales,marketing all tread a fine line between truth, lie and your personal convictions.

To keep my life simple,I try not to lie, I have done this for the last 35 years that I am conscious of, and it relieves me from not having to worry about what I said to whom. Does not mean that I say the same thing every time, no, because perspectives and facts change your version of reality, but at any point in time you are giving your view as you see then. Not lying does not imply laying out every thought you have, because that as I said before can be dangerous for relationships. It goes beyond personal relationships, even in professional relationships it is better to be honest and truthful. Sometimes it can hurt but if the message is delivered well it is very helpful. So my word of advice to everyone is to be truthful to others and most importantly to themselves.

Magnificence of Humans
One topic that fascinates me, that I want to write about later is the magnificence of humans..I am amazed at the amazing people, who lived thousands of years back and even today.Such brilliant intellects, such bold visionaries, fountains of creativity in arts, architecture, music, drama. People who had the enthusiasm and determination to follow through and give life to their passions. You look at them, read about them and are awestruck, are these real people or are they from another planet.

Changing Demographics
Another topic of interest is how populations and demographics change, how do they reach a certain dynamic equilibrium and what moves them from that point to the next and how all these changes can boost or hurt the world, business, society. Can we simulate at a massive scale, use the historical data and try to figure out how and why things happened and can we understand anything from it and project the actions of the future.


  1. hey, it is soo awesumly written pisha!!!!!

  2. Hey guruji, some nice thoughts you presented there. 'Speak the truth always' principle makes life so easier, na? But this layout hurts my eyes. I know you're old but make it bright & cheerful.

  3. Very well-written! The topics that u've touched upon here can be expanded into a series of non-fiction,motivational series of books...think abt it.

  4. Simply loved it.....The prelude to your blog holds so much clarity, depth and most importantly complete heart-felt honesty.I think it's a brilliant start. And completely agree sometimes we just need to sit down and capture all our fleeting thoughts and beliefs, cause there will be moments when we would so want to reach back 'inside' or in this case the 'diary' to just be able to hold on to ones own-self ! Lastly,the easy narrative and use of simple yet effective articulation of your experience is very engaging.. Good luck with this endeavour and look forward to some great reading.